Thera Sweet





Directions: Use as a replacement for sugar or artificial sweeteners.

A healthy, safe alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar.

What many people don’t realize about artificial sweeteners is that they don’t help you lose weight or optimize health! They actually feed or catalyze your sweet cravings, making you desire MORE sugar rather than less. There is also evidence that they slow down digestion and increase appetite, and have been linked to migraines, mood and sleep disturbances, dizziness, fuzzy thinking, and an inability to concentrate.

TheraSweetT TM tastes and looks like sugar, but has no bitter aftertaste, no side effects, and is completely natural and healthy. Xylitol, the essential ingredient, comes from organic sources – fruits, vegetables, and hardwood trees. Tagatose, the second largest ingredient in TheraSweetT, is derived from natural sources as well – yogurt, cheeses and fruit. But it is the other therapeutic, health-promoting benefits of TheraSweetT that make our product a truly radical alternative:

  • Xylitol has a small glycemic index, but it is still 20 times less than sugar. It is being used all over the world as a safe choice for diabetics.
  • Tagatose is a low-calorie sweetener which, unlike most substitute sweeteners, withstands the heat of baking without breaking down, and it browns like sugar.
  • We’ve included probiotics, which aids digestion, as well as glycine, an amino acid required for the maintenance of the central nervous system and is an important neuroinhibitor (brain relaxant).

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